Why I’m going to HEL FAQ


All the uninteresting questions that are even less interesting after having to answer them dozens of times.

  1. Are you really moving?
    A: Yes.
  2. Where are you moving to?
    A: Helsinki, Finland.
  3. Really?
    A: Yes.
  4. Are you joking?
    A: No.
  5. Why Finland?
    A: Why not Finland? The homesick Finnish husband might have something to do with it…
  6. Does it snow there?
    A: Uh, yes.
  7. Is it cold there?
    A: Er, yes.
  8. Isn’t summer really awesome in Finland?
    A: Well, the few weeks of ‘not winter’ can be great but awesome may not be the term I would use.
  9. When are you moving back?
    A: I’m not planning on returning to the US, but never is a long time and who knows what the future holds.
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